Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru

Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru
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Download Naruto Senki Apk For Android

Naruto Shippuden Senki is a genre of fighting and action game with 2D graphics are very good, especially for you Naruto fans around the world. This game is made by the named ZAKUME or KOJIMA Developer. For Battle Mode, each character has three jutsu or step that could be used to fight the enemy and there are also one or two special jutsu that you can get to buy at the current skill character selection menu. For the character, not all characters can you use because the game is still in beta. and also to the "NETWORK" which still you can use.

Mission Game:

In the battle mode or training (TRAINING), there are two different teams beat each opponent and destroy the tower to win the fight. character you use will be on the left side of the battle arena, with the addition of two characters different players who will be selected at random and two rows of soldiers frogs. as well as the enemy team that will be selected at random as well, and were on the right side of the arena.

What's New in Version 1:16

• New Char:
-Aburame Shino.
Jinchūriki -2: Han & Roshi (There Could Be Player)

Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru

Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru

Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru

Download Naruto Senki v1.16 Apk Terbaru

How to play: 

1.You need to destroy the towers of the enemy side to win this game.
2.Theres item "Ramen" can use to restore your HP.
3.Some awakening character(SageNaruto) also needs to unlocked the Ougis skill1 & Ougis skill2.
4.The Ougis skill must be unlocked by coin first.Please goto the skill interface in the character menu.
5.Hard core mode needs player get 10 win with at least 3 Characters
(in hard core modeplayer can choose your teammate to against the enemy)

How to install 

Download apk file, and then install. Because the format has .apk, then you just play it.


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