Hello, Hunters Files now provide special space for all of you want to promote your service in this blog, And to get it you just go to link Contact! Because in this page i just want write about rules and ads format in this blog.

Ads Rules :
  • Not Provide Pornography, Provocation and others.
  • Ads made by advertiser
  • Ads entirely responbility of advertiser, i as an admin not reponsible for the demands.
  • If at other times I get reports of adverse advertising (like cheats, etc.), my right to reprimand the advertiser and if the warning is not heard, I am entitled to remove the ad from the web, without refund payments already done advertiser.
  • Ads will be displayed on this blog at least 2 × 24 hours after the entire cost of advertising settled / paid.
  • Max changing title / url ad is 2 × 24 hours after the ad appeared.
  • Advertising (URL / LINK) should go directly to the web being advertised. Ads are not allowed to use the service SHORTURL and the like.
  • Link / ad is or is not "NoFollow" on this website. (Because this is not an ad for a blogroll). If you want to link the "DoFollow", please contact me.
  • Prices and rules are subject to change at any time without prior confirmation. (Except for advertisers).
  • All payments are already entered, is not refundable for any reason.

Ads Format :
  1. Ads Header 728x90
  2. Ads Sidebar 300x200
  3. Ads Under Post or Title 468x80
  4. Ads Floating Right & Left side 160x600
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