Friday, March 6, 2015

DFX Audio Enhancer 11.400 Final Full Patch

DFX Audio Enhancer boosts the sound quality of all of your music, videos, Internet radio, games, and other programs. Simply turn on DFX and be immersed in HD quality sound.

Audio plugin for better sound media players and Windows in general. The sound quality is significantly improved by improving the frequency characteristics, and what is this plugin. With DFX Audio Enhancer eliminated two major drawbacks – a cut of high frequencies and the lack of stereo separation and depth, and added surround modes and super bass. With this tool, you will receive the highest quality sound and can hear the music of such purity, as if you were sitting in a concert hall or next to a musician.


  • 3D Surround Sound: Immerse yourself inside the music
  • Booming HyperBass: Produce deeper, richer bass
  • Stereo Ambiance: Renew lost stereo depth and body
  • High Fidelity Restoration: Eliminate that “muffled” sound
  • Dynamic Audio Boost: Pump up the volume
  • Spectrum Analyzer: “See” DFX enhance your sound
  • Headphones Optimization: Hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
  • Multiple Processing: Modes Optimize sound quality for music, •speech and other audio types
  • Customizable Audio: Presets Select from many factory-tuned settings or create your own
  • Preset to Song Association: Get the perfect sound for each song you play

What's New in DFX Audio Enhancer 11.400?
  • •Fixed: performance improvements with iTunes integration
  • •Fixed: Other miscellaneous bug fixes

1. Install the program

2. After installation, DO NOT Run it **OR** If you've already opened/ran it, Then CLOSE IT.

3. Run the "Patch.exe" 'AS ADMINISTRATOR' {**Yes, You have Run it as Admin**}

4. Choose "DFX v11.0 MasterPack" from drop-down list

5. Click on "Generate" button. Program will get registered.

6. Done, Enjoy ;) 
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